Friday, December 2, 2011

Introducing Fork+Plate! How to Make Hummus Video

I'm excited to announce that I'll be featuring video blogs from my talented and beautiful friend, Davina Thomasula, of Fork+Plate! This past year she was on the reality TV show on Food Network, 24 Hour Restaurant Battle where her and her partner WON! Please visit her site for plenty of more How-To videos in the kitchen!

Here is a video with Davina on how to make hummus!

About Fork+Plate is run by a brother sister team and we share our love for cooking and passion for dining with the world. The main focus of the site is to make basic cooking techniques available for your everyday home cook without them having to spend money on cooking classes through simple, fun, how-to videos. We also do restaurant reviews in New York and find some of the most cost effective, trendy and best places to eat in this culinary saturated city. Our site also has a section of food maps of all your favorite food shows on television and the locations of the places to eat that have been featured on each show. We also have an updated version of our app for Android devices and one in the works for Apple devices coming out soon. also has a section for food events happening in our city and we encourage locals to get out there and support and take advantage of great culinary events happening daily in New York.

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