Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Drink more water: Fluoride-free.

The number one thing that I tell my clients and just about everyone else is to first and foremost DRINK MORE WATER!  Take your body weight, divide it in half…that equals approximately how many ounces of water your body needs each day.
  We can all benefit from drinking more water, but before you go chugging water from the tap or even from most bottled water, know that there is a known toxin that may be lurking in it.  


It has been established that fluoride has the ability to alter your endocrine function, yet this fact is being ignored by the agencies and associations that continue to promote the practice of water fluoridation. Consuming it internally allows this known toxin into our delicate tissues and puts our bodies at very serious risks.  It is beneficial to avoid fluoride as much as possible.  Here are a few ways:

Buy toothpaste from a health food store that is fluoride free – my favorite is Auromere, but there are quite a few other fluoride-free brands.

Choose smaller coldwater fish such as salmon and halibut that usually have less mercury.

My Berkey!
Avoid tap water, which is full of fluorine and chlorine. Both these chemicals can inhibit your bodies ability to absorb iodine.

 Unfortunately, even most bottled water contains it and a store bought Brita or Pur filter will NOT do the trick.  If you’re looking for a filter for crystal clean filtered water, purchase a Berkey!  I’ve got one and LOVE it.  It’s affordable, pretty in my kitchen and simple to use.  I have to change the filters maybe twice a year for the size I have.  It’s well worth it and now I know I’m ingesting just water when I drink and cook with it.  

Most importantly, get active.  Call your town to find out if your water supply is fluoridated, and express your concern for it.  Write letters, attend local meetings, spread the word to others...let's all work towards getting this harmful toxin OUT of our precious water supply.

You, your family and your pets deserve the best water there is!

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