Tuesday, February 22, 2011

CYH's Songs of the Moment: The King Of Limbs, Radiohead

...Slowly we unfurl, As lotus flowers...

I arrived home from India (pictures and blog coming soon) to the good news that Radiohead was releasing a new album. I will be honest, I'm on the fence about it. Of course, I love it because it's Radiohead and to me (and many other fans) they can do no wrong. However, I do find this album to be almost incomplete, lacking interest. Their albums are always so precious and filled with gems. Little By Little, Feral and Lotus Flower stick out to me, but nothing really jumped out as a gem. It is by no means their best work, nowhere near any of their previous albums. I say this, and am upset that they released the album, wishing they gave it a little more time, at least a few more songs...but then I go about my day with the songs stuck in my head, aching to hear it again. So, the songs and album are growing on me. Either way, I love the fact that I'm on the fence about it, because its forcing me to listen over and over again allowing me to fall back in love with them all over again (smitten smile on my face, looking up towards the sky, sighing...).

Anyway, this video is totally awesome. Thom Yorke's interpretive dance moves are always so right on with his music (how else would you dance to their music?!). I've always enjoyed watching him let go at his shows, allowing the music to flow right through him, moving his body however it's telling him to. This video is a full 5-minutes of his awkward and totally free moves. I LOVE it!!!!

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  1. I maintain that radiohead is incapable of producing a bad album!