Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sweet Eggs

  Wanted a sweet breakfast after yoga this morning so I scrambled eggs in cinnamon & all spice with half an apple sliced with almond butter, walnuts & raisins. Hot H2o with turmeric, coconut oil & cayenne to assist my digestion & curb my sweet cravings for later today. 

What do you have for breakfast when you're craving something sweet??

Friday, March 14, 2014

Sauerkraut for Sugar Cravings

My daily tablespoon (or two) of yummy sauerkraut. Yesterday I had a few too many gluten free cookie tasting bites for the wedding & am majorly feeling it today. This helps to ease sugar cravings, replenishes healthy gut bacteria, and is a great source of iron, fiber, vitamin C & K.

Just to refresh you on why fermented foods are so healthy, check out a previous blog post of mine on Fermented Foods for Digestive Health.

Monday, March 10, 2014


March 7 - 8th was National Day of Unplugging. Totally love the idea and what it's all about...but I can't sit here and said I did it! Sigh...

It's hard to unplug! Isn't it?  

However, this made me reflect on how much I am dependent on my technological gadgets and allowed me to create some new goals moving forward. They may be small goals, but they're pretty big overall...if I do them!  
Small steps to unplug on a regular basis:

1. No more walking and fiddling with my phone. Whether I'm texting, Instagraming or checking emails I need to stand up straight and walk.

2. Once I get home from work I'm no longer allowed to use my computer. Or, if I'm working from home that day, no more computer use after 6pm. Very limited computer use over weekend, too!

3. iPad use in bed is only allowed a few times a month, if that, and only for watching a movie or doing something enjoyable (not checking emails).  

4. Shut wifi and bluetooth off on phone/iPad if they're near my bedside. This is a must and something I do consistently. 

5. Very little to no TV before bed. I may catch a show or two after dinner, but I enjoy dimming the lights and having a quiet house before it's sleepy time. 

Have you made any gadget goals that help you unplug from technology?  Please share-

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Creative Juices Flowing

Buying a home and planning a wedding is a recipe for spending TONS of money. In an effort to save money this weekend, I brought back to life a few items in my house that were just collecting dust by spraying them with a brilliant gold paint! Not only was this totally fun, but it allowed my creative juices to flow. 

Making time for arts and crafts, for me, is a major aspect towards my good health. It's a beautiful outlet for me to express myself. Back when I was designing each and every day, I could never imagine a time where I wasn't being creative. However, times have changed!  I make it a point to look at the recipes I create in my kitchen as art. I make it a point to art journal and color in coloring books. I make it a point to create small arts or crafts and send them to friends/relatives via snail mail. Keeping that creativity alive and flowing is so important. 

What sparks your creativity?

PS: Everything looks better in GOLD! 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Watch More Sunsets

When I was living in New Paltz going to college, a friend and I used to "chase the sunset." When our schedule permitted, we hopped into the car and drove up into the mountains to watch and watch the sunset. We made this a regular habit for a while and there were nights where we'd literally have to chase the sunset, and just find any nook to catch it's last light. 

This was a BEAUTIFUL habit. 

Now, lets be honest here. That time of my life was not a healthy time. At all. However, I still remember a shift in myself during that time where we were on this kick. It made me slow down and reflect on the day that was just about to pass. It made me feel more gratitude for what I had. It also was just so relaxing. 

I miss my irresponsible college days where I actually had the time to do this practice. However, I do make it a point to enjoy sunsets during my commute home. Or if I'm at home and notice the sky is a gorgeous color, I'll take a moment to walk outside to check it out. I especially make sure to watch a few sunsets while I'm away on vacation. So good for our souls!!!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Relax, NOW.

This past weekend I was away in beautiful Key West with my bridal party for my bachelorette weekend. The week leading up to it, I was uber stressed, overwhelmed and ready for vacation. I kept saying, "Soon I'll be on a beach, under the sun and I'll be totally relaxed." The morning I left for the trip I was up at 4am to leave for a stressful drive to JFK...parked the car, checked in, you know, all the annoying things you have to go through at an airport. I was sitting there at the gate with a cup of tea and my magazine, surrounded by my awesome little bridal party and I caught myself saying it again, "Soon I'll be on a beach, under the sun and I'll be totally relaxed."  

Then I realized how silly I sounded. 

What was holding me back at that very moment to feel relaxed?  I was under no stress what-so-ever. Although going through the motions at an airport aren't the ideal situation of relaxation, I still could have made that moment a one of ease. All I needed to do was change my mind set. 

As soon as I realized this, my attitude changed. I was able to go into my weekend with a totally new outlook. I did end up enjoying the weekend even more than I had hoped because I was able to incorporate relaxation into moments where it normally wouldn't be associated with. It gave me a whole new perspective!

Relax, NOW.