Sunday, March 9, 2014

Creative Juices Flowing

Buying a home and planning a wedding is a recipe for spending TONS of money. In an effort to save money this weekend, I brought back to life a few items in my house that were just collecting dust by spraying them with a brilliant gold paint! Not only was this totally fun, but it allowed my creative juices to flow. 

Making time for arts and crafts, for me, is a major aspect towards my good health. It's a beautiful outlet for me to express myself. Back when I was designing each and every day, I could never imagine a time where I wasn't being creative. However, times have changed!  I make it a point to look at the recipes I create in my kitchen as art. I make it a point to art journal and color in coloring books. I make it a point to create small arts or crafts and send them to friends/relatives via snail mail. Keeping that creativity alive and flowing is so important. 

What sparks your creativity?

PS: Everything looks better in GOLD! 

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