Sunday, June 30, 2013

Racetrack Moonshine

Lammer and I spent yesterday at the Monmouth Racetrack with a ton of friends.  Since beer is no longer a part of my life (damn you gluten), I have to pack my own shoot as far as booze goes.  My new thing is grabbing a ball jar and pouring a little Tito's vodka, then some coconut water into it.  I squeeze a wedge of lime and rub some mint sprigs into it and close the top.  When I arrive to wherever I'm partying, I'll fill the rest of the jar up with seltzer water and ice.  It's my own moonshine, without the whiskey - HA!  I can't tell you how many asks I get about the drink because it looks so refreshing.  Give it a whirl and enjoy responsibly.

Above, Lammer and I are enjoying ourselves at the track...and Lammer looks like he is wearing a giant sombrero.  

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