Sunday, January 5, 2014

Lavender Foot Soak

 Finding time to take a nice bath seems impossible...but running some hot water in the tub while I carry out my nighttime routine in the bathroom has been easy. I drop about 3-5 drops of lavender into the water and throw my feet in after I brush my teeth. Sometimes I'll even sprinkle in some Epsom's salts. I'm forced to take a few deep breaths and's amazing. The water warms my cold, tired feet along with the rest of my body. After a few minutes I drain the water, dry my feet, rub them with lotion and put some cozy socks on. Sleeping is a whole other story when I do this at night, it's so lovely!  I highly recommend for a quick and simple stress reliever and/or if you're in need of some good nights rest

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