Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Alternative Ant Killer - Splenda!

Lammer & I had an ant problem this summer.  Small black ants seemed to set up camp over this one corner of our kitchen counter area.  NOT COOL.  Ant killers (or any insecticide) is dangerous stuff that I don't want in our home, especially around our food.  Sooo, I stole a few packets of FREE Splenda from around town, broke a few open and sprinkled along the edges of our walls and wherever I saw the little buggers. 

I observed them at first.  They'd pick up a morsel of the toxic Splenda and march back on their way to wherever their "base" was.  My heart broke a bit because I knew they would never make it back to our countertop...because once they went home and consumed that sweet Splenda, it would kill them.  So little by little, less and less ants were apparent.  This went on for about 2-3 weeks, so it does take time.  But it DOES work.  

The makers of Splenda were scientists trying to design an insecticide.  Instead, they came up with something that is super-duper sweet and packaged it in pretty little packets for humans to stir into their coffee or other drinks.  The world we live in is so backwards. 

Uh, what's the difference between an ant and us?  SIZE.  What's going to kill that ant will eventually kill us.  So Splenda is something that I would NEVER, EVER, in a million years recommend to anyone.  This includes any other artificial sweeteners...Equal, Sweet N' Low, Nutrasweet, etc. 

Splenda = Ant Poison


  1. We have tried everything except poison on these tiny black ants and little has slowed them down even a little bit. Poisons aren't an option, because 1 of the areas is thd kitchen and we have a 3 and 5 yr-old that could visit at any time. Bleach and odor deterrents were almost ineffective--sometimes, crawling undeterred through the odor. Cornmeal baits--probably effective on most ant species--did not seem to work(tried it multiple times).

    Hopefully, this works for us, too. Listening to you describe the ant, it sounds like the very same ant. That is with 1 difference: they seem highly reluctant to--if at all--take the Sweet-N-Low dry. What did I do? I mixed in an estimated 1/2-2/3(Sweet-N-Low) to 1/2-1-3(syrup) parts mixture. I know now that one artificial sweetener uses aspartame(I think Equal), Sweet-N-Low uses Saccharin, etc. To my dismay, when I bought Sweet-N-Low, I did not know this. I thought all artificial sweeteners were in fact Nutrisweet with a different brand name. I hope that it works the same, as I'm only 2 days in. Hopefully, the Lord God Jehovah delivers the them into our hands. To Him and His Son Jesus be the continual and eternal glory!

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